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Food and Prop Styling

"So you use glue for milk?" That's the most popular response I get when I tell people I'm a food stylist.

Though I haven't (yet) had to resort to glue, I am equipped with tricks, tools, and more importantly, an obsessive attention to detail.


As a food and prop stylist, I ensure the food looks fresh, appetizing, and holds up on set. I work closely with photographers and videographers to compose images and sell your brand's messaging.  

Select Clients:

Baskin Robbins, Bruegger's Bagels, Burghers, Eat'n Park, GetGo, GNC, Hello Bistro, Honest Tea, McCain Foods, Mezzetta, NatureSweet, Primanti Brothers, Premier Protein, Tribe Hummus, Wish-Bone.

Choose Your Own Adventure

My personal style leans toward the vintage and moody side, but as a stylist, I'm a chameleon.  I match the food and props to your brand, not my personal style (unless that’s what you want).


Click on the categories to discover the style that best fits your brand, or pick the gallery that makes you the hungriest. It's your adventure.


Food and Prop Styling FAQ

  • Do you take the photos?
    No, I do not. I work closely with photographers and videographers to achieve the optimum shot, but my focus is on the styling. If you need a photographer/videographer, I am happy to make recommendations from my list of collaborators.
  • Who sources the food for the shoot?
    Ideally, the food stylist (me!) does the grocery shopping. I will neurotically source the most beautiful options, and I have a better idea of the quantities needed for a photo. That being said, typically the client supplies (a lot of) their product. Keep in mind, shopping requires a prep day and should be factored into the schedule. I can’t stress that last part enough!
  • How much will it cost?
    I’m happy to provide an estimate for my services. Please email me at QUELCY@QUELCY.COM with as many details as possible including the shoot concept, a shot list (if possible), the time frame, and the shopping needs.
  • Are you available to travel?
    Yep! However, special travel rates will apply.
  • What if your style doesn't match my brand?
    I match the food and props to your brand, not my personal style (unless that’s what you want). Take a look at the various galleries on this site, and if you're still not seeing something that fits, we can work together from a mood board to make sure we nail your look.
  • Can we feature a dog in our photos?
    Yes, please!
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