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(Quelcy like Quell the Sea)


I’m a multi-passionate creative with a sweet tooth and an old house full of dogs.


I wear and have worn a variety of hats: food & prop stylist, cookbook author, regional editor, lifestyle blogger, event designer, conference host, and more! 


What truly excites me is helping small business owners share their stories through images, copy, and more.


That and puppies. Puppies really excite me. 

Hey there! I'm Quelcy


Photo by my friend, Matt Dayak

Some Career Highlights
That Make Me Proud

• I wrote and styled my own cookbook! The Gluten-Free Grains Cookbook (Page Street Publishing)

• I was a contributing editor for Design*Sponge, a beloved design blog with over a million monthly hits.

• I'm a Regional Editor at TABLE Magazine.

• I co-founded The Wild Rose Collective with Lindsey Smith. We created two large-scale conferences and several smaller events, for badass womxn. We've closed since the pandemic, but I'm still tremendously proud of what we accomplished. 

• I'm a grad of Marie Forleo's B-School, and my story was highlighted as a testimonial. 

• During my stint as the Creative Director for Carnegie Mellon's International Film Festival, we brought Spike Lee to Pittsburgh. It was a big deal. He ain't cheap! I styled the stage for him.

Craig Seder

Executive Art Director

"From the initial concept to the final shot of the day, Quelcy brings confidence and professionalism to the projects that I am lucky enough to work with her on. I’m a big fan of getting the shot right on set, and not in post-production — so her constant attention to detail and keen focus in styling makes shoot days great, and the end results that much better."

Frame_BBQ Tray.png

Lisa Grazan

Creative Consulting Client

In her quiet and professional manner, Quelcy quickly gained my trust with her ease, her insights and her artistic talent.  She listened carefully to the visions I had for my career and my book, and she masterfully translated them into something even better than I thought possible. I’m so happy and proud that my website and my book cover display her amazing talent.  I look forward to working with her again. Quelcy truly epitomizes both a Visionary and an Artist in my book!

What Others Say About Me

Danny Yourd


"Quelcy’s collaborative spirit mixed with her eye for the delicious and taste for innovation makes her a triple threat that any film set should welcome.”

Noah Purdy

Photographer, Cinematographer

I know of no other stylist who wouldn’t immediately walk away when asked “…can you make this skinless avocado half levitate upright and spin while also never turning brown?”. Quelcy’s unique style shows in every piece of work we have collaborated on, from big brand advertisements to local publications. It doesn’t hurt that we have an absolute blast on set. She’s also a better rapper than you think.

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